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Rank Journeyman
Specialty Blacksmith/
Mentor Helmarinen
Posting Eastern


Rising to a swarthy six foot, five inches in height, Baelen is nothing if not sizeable; physically, he has passed beyond toned into muscular, obviously someone who gets by doing taxing labour of one kind or another. His shoulders are broad, tapering into narrow, well defined hips, while his limbs are long and strong with dexterous hands that belie his physique. Everything about the man is suggestive of solidarity including the square, stubbled line of his jaw and the serious yet pleasant set of his generous mouth. Beneath thick, bold eyebrows, his eyes are deep-set and clever, the crisp, icy blue of them contrasting sharply with the olive tones of his deeply tanned complexion. Chestnut hair shot through with chocolate undertones has been grown long, but this fact is often concealed by the fact that it is usually kept in a severe braid against the man's shoulder blades; when loose, it undoubtedly reaches his mid-back, at the very least.

Though tight over his shoulders and chest, Baelen is wearing a shirt made from an ivory linen weave so that it breathes easily, the neck widely cut and laced up from roughly mid-chest. The shirt has short sleeves, and though there's no slack in their fit it loosens easily around his stomach and hips, falling low enough to partially conceal the waistband of his work pants. More often than not, however, that shirt is tucked neatly into a pair of rumpled slacks that look to be only lightly dyed and otherwise left to a rough weave that is a tawny sort of brown. The slacks themselves look to have a more tailored cut to them than the shirt and thus fit neatly to his hips and are comfortably loose about his legs, folding over the tops of his boots. The boots themselves are made of a thick mahogany hide, the soles doubled over to make sure that they offer extra protection from the elements, while there is very little decorative tooling on the boots save for what seems to have been done by burning a simple scrawl around the edges of each sole. Around one of his wrists he has on multitude of simple bangles made from bits of scrap metal, each one roughly wire thin.


Baelen Smith arrived at Eastern only two years ago, originally from the Northern continent. As a Journeyman he's chosen to travel to different postings, spending one to two years in each wherever needed. While his specialty is supposedly Blacksmithing he tends to be a jack of all (Smith) trades, able to fix plumbing, machinery and even clockwork. It's the chemistry that tends to be his bane, so really, ask someone else to make your batteries. (Unless you're a sadist who enjoys hearing explosions.)

Known to be a laid-back and friendly sort, he's none the less all business in the workshop. Like most itinerant Journeymen, he returns yearly to the Hall to teach lessons and undergo testing, simply to ensure his skills are still up to par. A year after his assignment in Eastern he arrived back at the Hall with a preliminary report on the Pernium project in Xanadu, having spoken with the team over there. Most surprisingly, he not only requested to remain in Eastern (he had never before requested a posting) but actually refused a posting in Xanadu, despite the belief that any association with the Pernium project was a road to guaranteed Mastery. Rumors circulated over his relationship with the Pop Princess, Farris, but he claimed that had long since ended.

Baelen remains keenly interested in the Pernium Project, but continues to service Eastern Weyr and it's many surrounding cotholds for now.


Name Relation Location Position
Belina Mother Nabol Jeweler Smith
Alain Father Nabol Blacksmith
Beredic Younger Brother Crafthall Jman Smith
Asaender Younger Brother Crafthall Jman Smith
Uthar Younger Brother Crafthall App Smith
Orgrim Younger Brother Crafthall App Smith
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