Thanks for your interest in the SmithCraft!

Apprentice: Anyone is welcome to apply to the Craft as an Apprentice, or
Senior Apprentice if the IC reason makes sense. Simply page or @mail one of
the SmithCraft staff (smc .who/admins) to be set up on the knot.

Journeymen and Masters: ICly these positions are only gained through
promotion. Please fill out the application in the Crafter character
generation rooms off the Birthing Room. If you are a current smith seeking
promotion, please refer to '+smchelp promotions'

Student: Characters may also apply as Students to the SmithCraft. These are
generally folks who are not interested in a formal apprenticeship but want
to learn certain smithing skills and pay for lessons, or crafters from
outside the SmithCraft who are learning a specific skill which will help
them in their primary craft. To join as a Student simply page or @mail one
of the SmithCraft staff to be set up.

It is highly recommended that all applicants to the SmithCraft, no matter
their desired rank, read all the files in the +smchelp.

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