Promotions are given routinely as crafters advance in their skills.
Apprentices are watched by their teachers and tested often without the
apprentice realizing it is happening. When the teacher feels the necessary
basic knowledge of the craft has been learned they put in a word with the
CraftMaster and a promotion occurs during dinner within the next sevenday.
Promotions to journeymen and master are a bit different as crafters are
often away from the Hall, or already specializing in their chosen skill. As
such, proficiency exams are routinely held for apprentices and journeymen
which evaluate their skills, knowledge and abilities and when the Masters in
their chosen field are satisfied they are promoted to the next rank. It
takes a long time to become truly proficient in the SmithCraft, and as such
promotions to Master rarely occur to anyone below the age of thirty. Many
journeymen never obtain the master rank.


It would be ideal if the SmithCraft admins were omniscient, however the
reality is that they are not. Promotions are not meant to be a difficult
thing. You are in control of your character and when you feel they are ready
to advance you need to let the SmithCraft admins know (smc .who/admins).
That said, it should make IC sense as to why your character is being
promoted, so please include some background in your request as to what rank
you are requesting and why. Those requesting the rank of Master (or
dragonriders requesting Senior Journeyman) may be requested to provide a
sample of their work, a sample of smithcraft related roleplay, or otherwise
demonstrate a certain level of playing a highly knowledgeable and skilled
smith in an appropriate and canon IC fashion.

Please note that Dragon Riders can not advance past Journeyman status, due
to the demands of caring for a Dragon and their Wing duties, unless the
above Wing duties consists *solely* of practicing their Craft in which case
they may be eligible to be a senior journeymen.

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