Apprentice: Apprentices learn the very basic general knowledge of the craft.
They have classroom lessons and study from the many manuals available, as
well as assist higher ranked crafters in physical projects doing prep work,
errands, running machinery, and cleaning up.

Senior Apprentice: After a few turns most apprentices gain the basic
knowledge, fitness and comfort levels necessary with the craft. Senior
apprentices continue the duties of apprentice but begin to work on their
own projects under the supervision of their teachers and choose their area
of specialization within the craft.

Journeymen: It takes awhile to achieve the rank of journeymen as the
smithcraft has detailed and complex levels of knowledge and skills which must
reach a certain level of proficiency before this rank is given. Journeymen
are almost always entirely posted away from the Hall. Many smiths reach
and stay at the journeymen rank through their career.

Senior Journeymen: Over time most continue to improve, and become recognized
for that achievement by the rank of Senior Journeymen. This is also the
highest level of rank a craftrider may achieve, and may only be achieved if
the rider has dedicated themselves to the craft and hold no other rank in
their Weyr. Once achieved the rider is expected to remain dedicated to their
craft and may not take on any other rank (wingleader, wingsecond, etc).
Due to their egg laying duties and potential to become Weyrwoman, goldriders
do not achieve this rank.

Master: After many turns of experience, there are some crafters with
exceptional skill and drive who obtain the rank of Master. Masters generally
become teachers at the Hall, or in some cases their posted location.

CraftSecond/CraftMaster: These are the leaders of the craft and handle many
administrative duties.

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