• Don't be stupid.
  • Be respectful of those in higher standing. Inebriation is not an excuse.
  • Make certain the majority of the alcohol has been burned off before you begin duties for the day.
  • Young children and pregnant women are not to be amongst the heat and chemicals. Keep your skirts on if you don't have the means to prevent either.
  • Really, don't be stupid.


The Smiths are a fairly Darwinian bunch, believing heartily in common sense. You'll not find a great many warning labels beyond the talk each apprentice is given their first day: The chemicals are poisonous, the Forge is hot, the machinery is sharp and heavy and stronger than you.

In character actions will have results, not always to your benefit in the case of a character insisting on being foolish. The easiest, most encouraged way to deal with rule-breaking for all concerned is to give your admins a heads-up, allowing us to work with you to create a situation that may actually turn to your character's benefit. They like common sense, but they also appreciate cleverness, after all, and despite the tough exterior we DON'T actually like to spend our time spanking wayward apprentices.

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