The Smiths straddle the line between ancient arts and modern innovation, blending the two each day as they serve Pern.

The traditional crafts are manifold: Smelting ores, Blacksmithing (which may include Farriers or the creation/repair of household items, known as 'Tinkering',) Jewelery (chains, settings, and other decorative items) or Artistry.

But the Pern Smiths were once known as Engineers, and are slowly becoming that again; their modern crafts of Civil, Mechanical and Chemical engineering include (but are not limited to) bridge and road building, architecture, aquatics, clockwork and other gears, mechanical repair, fabrication, wire-pulling, welding, plumbing/pipe fitting, batteries, explosives, flamethrowers, fertilizer, cleaning compounds, stains, dyes and varnishes. This excludes Engine craft, Electronics and Communications, as these are the Techcraft's domain, though the two Crafts work closely together.

Some potential cross-crafts include the Techcraft, Healingcraft (medical instruments and/or prosthetics,) Beastcraft (for specialized Farriers,) Harpercraft (metal instruments,) Seacraft (Marine Engineering,) Farmcraft (machinery and fertilizers,) or one could participate in our sub-craft, Plasticraft.

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